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... is pretty interesting, but stressful too! laugh.gif

I'm in ME, but I'm learning a lot about circuits this semester. I'm taking a graduate mechatronics course and TA'ing the undergrad mechatronics lab, so I'm finally learning circuit design (hip hip hooray!). Also learning about bond graphs (something I NEVER heard about at Tech) and energy methods for modeling physical systems across energy domains.

Research-wise, I'm working on design & control of off-shore wind turbines. Neat stuff. smile.gif

What is everyone else up to, whether school or work or personal projects?
QUOTE (Seeker @ Oct 9 2009, 01:53 PM) *
... nerd

Pot, meet kettle.
I'm going back to school for my MPA next semester at Tech.

I figured since they pay for 3 hours of classes a semester while being a full time employee then I had might as well take advantage of it.
Soon to be po po
I'd been hittin learning network pipeline modeling and compession theory and operation pretty hard the last year, so starting this month I've been concentrating a lot more on trying to gain a fundamental understanding of process engineering in general, but with emphasis on hydrocarbon phase behaviour.

I've come to the realization that I desparatley wish I was smart enough to understand the SRK equations of state well enough to write my own Excell-based toolkit for use in predicting hydrocarbon phase behaviour.

I have however, at least, come to the conclusion that this type of thing is typically something that entire industries invest millions upon millions of dollars in developing, so I guess I shouldn't feel bad I haven't revolutionized the world yet.

With that said, after having spent 3 years in the "real" engineering world, I really wish I could afford to go back to graduate school and then on to a doctoral degree specifically studying hydrocabon phase behaviour and then subsequently developing an open-source model of such in addition to the current SRK model that would essentially be free to use for all and could thus be incorpoated into multi-phase modeling of any type of hydrocarbon system.

Real life is fucking hard in other words sad.gif
got my ms degree and onwards to doctoral to study physics of stressed polymers using molecular simulation.
Spectatrix is correct. there are shit loads of stuff tech hasn't taught us which seems to be taught by every institution.
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