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So I have this ~28 yr old lady for a neighbor. She's a post-grad student studying Biology and I thought she would be leaving the apartment since the lease ended last night (i.e. Aug 15th). She had told me that she would not be renewing the lease.

I try not to be loud at all since the walls at Honeycomb are paper-thin.

The first weekend I moved into the Apartment, I got a note on my door from her. I watched an episode of LOST at around 1 AM on a Saturday. Okay, fine. I started using my headset and rarely unplug it unless I'm playing music during the day. I also left a note on her door telling her I was sorry and if she felt I was loud she could always just knock on my door. I knocked on her door on two different occasions when she was at home to talk to her personally but she wouldn't open it.

The second weekend, I stayed up again on Saturday playing some BF2142 (PC game). I was on Ventrillo but I had barely spoken anything and I'm 100 percent sure I did not yell. I barely uttered words like "thanks for the ammo", "Good one" or "Faaaaaawk" just loud enough to be heard on a headset. Yet I got a note on my door on Sunday morning saying that she would notify the apartment management etc etc. I again wrote a note, tried knocking - no response.

Then for more than two whole months, I was silent at night including weekends. I stayed up but it was mostly studying, I never played music through speakers or uttered a word till last night when her lease was up my best friends in Austin were back home from Germany on Thursday so we decided to play L4D from 2 AM to 4 AM. I walked outside her apartment the AC wasn't on and the windows were shut. So I assumed no one was at home.

Then at 4 AM cops are at my door telling me there was a noise complaint. I apologized to the cops. I asked them if I was loud and they said "not right now". I was still talking freely till the cops knocked on my door so not like I silenced myself. I even told them that both my immediate neighbors were gone and that was the only reason I chose to play PC games. After they left I went outside and saw that her light was on. Oops?

Okay, this time I'll admit that I was kinda loud, but not yelling. I was just talking. I wasn't even that loud since the conversation was kinda one-way (I was the only one using a headphone). But call the cops>!? There were other options (like knocking on the door)...

Anyways, I need some ideas on how I should tackle this situation. I know that the first time the cops give me a warning that is in effect for a year. The second time I get a citation.

I just (6 AM) put a note outside her door saying "Ouch! I thought you wouldn't be staying after the lease term. That really sucks for me. I was hoping I would get a new neighbor that wouldn't be such a psycho and call the cops on me for one Saturday night of in-game chat while playing on my PC. Do you think you will be leaving soon? You can leave a note on my door when I fall asleep tonight (IF I fall asleep) -308A + smiley face with boom-box"
hopefully she wont take your note to the cops for calling her a psycho. but yeah, you need to get back at her.

i say just be normal. dont try to put headphones on, just live your life. youre paying rent at this place and can do whatever you want. its not like you're having parties and putting on loud music. screw her.

i dont think the cops can issue a citation for that. there's not even any proof..just what she says. nobody else is complaining except her, right?

or just call the cops on her every night and say the same thing. theres no proof so just do it. fuck her.
All part of living in an apartment. Not much you can do about it. I have to stifle myself as well and I hate it. It's just common courtesy though when you're sharing walls with people (especially cheap ass crappy apartment walls). I enjoy turning my system up to earsplitting levels, but I simply can't do it here. The one time that I assume nobody is home or that it's ok because it's the middle of the day, someone else might be lying in bed sick as a dog, or trying to get sleep before a graveyard shift, or whatever. Just keep in mind how nice it will be eventually when you can do whatever you want.
did the cops actually issue you a warning? I would call the PD and see what they would do and explain your situation. Be polite to!

Yep, your neighbor is a bitch.
LPD doesn't issue written warnings, just verbal.
Tape a dead squirell to her door.

Nothing says i hate you more that a dead squirell hanging from your door.
blast porn at 2-3am. if the cops show up say "what the fuck am i suppose to do, stuff a sock in her mouth, then you come back with murder charges?"


retaliate with noise complaints to her

tell the PD you can hear her moaning when you know she is home alone.
tell the PD you smell marijuana coming from your vents. also adding you see different people coming to the apartment all the time

agree with woody!!!! you gotta do something.
QUOTE (THECHICKEN @ Aug 18 2009, 01:39 AM) *
Tape a dead squirell to her door.

Nothing says i hate you more that a dead squirell hanging from your door.

haha. i forgot all about posting that those many years ago.....
QUOTE (FORSAKENR320 @ Aug 21 2009, 05:52 PM) *
haha. i forgot all about posting that those many years ago.....

You have no idea how long i've been searching for that picture again lol
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