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> The US is being set up to take the part as the unequivocal "bad guy" for WW3, just as Germany was for WW2
post Oct 7 2015, 05:02 PM
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The actions of the US government have become so deliberately self-defeating, it leaves me to wonder... will we be painted as the next monsters of history?

The recent bombing of the hospital, the actions of Putin and Russia bombing ISIS and the US response... the US has spent 40 years being "the bad guy" of our own doing, by invading and overthrowing other countries, but now it seems to be accelerating to a farcical level. Maybe it's just the media I consume, maybe lots of people see it happening too, I don't know.

The Govt is backing Israel, funding and supporting Saudi Arabia... giving them billions a year in free money, which they're mostly required to spend buying US arms and military equipment. It supports our economy, which is about 1/5 military-industrial complex. But now we're just flat-out giving guns to Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc, to destabilize Russian-friendly governments, so that the US govt can take them over and install US-friendly govts. And Russia is doing the same thing.

Proxy wars are where the rebels are one side and the local national government is the other side, and the US funds and arms one of them, and Russia funds and arms the other. Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran have all been in this situation for decades.

But then you learn the most odd thing, after learning all this. You learn that the bankers who the US government is beholden to, the reason it has $17 trillion dollars of debt instead of just creating its own money for free, those very groups of people also run the russian banks. They own both sides. There's no real Russia vs US conflict any more than there is a Pepsi vs Coke conflict. It's a matter of branding and PR. One rich family's feud against another, at best.

Why do they create war?

War is profitable and harnesses lots of human effort to create a more efficient profit machine. They corral existing sentiments of nationalism/patriotism and harness it to create great technology and systems of social organization. War is a discovery machine, at the expense of millions of humans' lives. And the owners of nations get first dibs on the new tech.

The divide and conquer strategy pits two equally-powerful social hierarchies against each other (Russia vs US) which focuses the power they contain against each other, instead against the powerful wealthy few people controlling both of them. Because without a doubt, if the energy of hundreds of millions of people were focused toward removing exactly only those at the very top of the hierarchy, it would be accomplished very quickly.

Thus, the most important defense of a hundred-billionaire is something called "plausible deniability". The more layers, the better. They have to have reasons why they didn't do it, why the guys below them did it. That's why they never get caught, because there's a million layers of shit protecting them: intelligence, PR, connections, security, money, lawyers, yes-men, family history, and a good bullshit story. Plausible deniability. This keeps them safe and powerful, despite the accusations of many. The corruption of our justice system in recent decades especially allows for this.

Governments are merely interfaces between the powerful and the citizens, scar tissue from their interaction, which is why they are so slow to get anything done and have so much bureaucracy. It is scar-tissue to safeguard, slow down, and mitigate interactions between one side and the other.

So to have a global narrative going forward, they have to have a good guy and a bad guy. This is how everyone will talk about it, after it happens, just like WW2. The US looks like a bad guy from actions all over the world over the last 50+ years, but if we paint it with a more intense brush, then we can make it look like they're just pure satan incarnate, then the world won't feel bad dogpiling on them in a world war situation. I feel like that narrative is slowly being painted before our eyes, "the US is bad like you already thought, but it's even worse and they're corrupt to the bone, they deserve this".

If there were a war, then this narrative keeps the elite safe in their positions of power. This is a thick layer of plausible deniability. "The US govt are the bad guys, not the international central bankers!"

During a war, everyone is intensely distracted by nationalism, promoted by the media. Then this becomes the new history and the world rolls on, thinking it has defeated a true evil nation in the world, while in reality giving even more power for those powerful few at the top, who own both sides.

This is the level our national dialogue needs to be at. Not at the level of MSM. Let's wake up and get real about this stuff. Talk to people you know about these details. When shit hits the fan there will be a lot of anger, and it's important to make sure that anger is not directed inappropriately to scapegoats of racism, sexism, religions, or even nationalism!

Thousands hack at the branches, but can you cut at the root?
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The Fanatic
post Oct 11 2015, 09:26 AM
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Do they ignore parts of reality?

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Nicely put seeker. I wish the US would stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. Blow back is a bitch. To quote Winston Churchill "History is written by the Victors". If the US is on the wrong side of history, then I could definitely see how future generations could view our empire viewed in a negative light.

A psychotic world we live in. The madmen are in power. How long have we known this? Faced this? And--how many of us do know it? Perhaps if you know you are insane then you are not insane. Or you are becoming sane, finally. Waking up. I suppose only a few are aware of all this. Isolated persons here and there. But the broad masses... what do they think? All these hundreds of thousands in this city, here. Do they imagine that they live in a sane world? Or do they guess, glimpse, the truth...?

-Philip K. Dick
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post Oct 28 2015, 09:35 AM
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